And then came Salah...

2018, Egypt has experienced tumultuous change over the last 30 years. And the country’s passion for football has not been spared.

But a new football hero has risen, giving a renewed hope to Egyptian football fans. A hope that could be the most positive force for the country in a long time...

yougoslavia 90.jpg

One last time together

1990, Yugoslavia go to the world cup with a brilliant team.

But because of the eastern bloc’s politics, Nationalism and other issues divided its people. The country was breaking apart, which threatened the team’s unity and success.

The stakes were sky high : win the world cup and potentially stay united in peace...or lose and descend into chaos...

Supporter of Brazil cries defeat to Germany in Mineirão in Belo Horizonte.jpg

The party aftermath

In a country that is crazy about football, hosting the world cup turned into a nightmare.

Already roiling in economic recession and political turmoil, Brazil plunged plunged even further into crisis.

Will the country and its football be able to rise again from the ashes ?

andres escobar.jpg

The other Escobar

1994, the whole world is excited about Colombia’s team.

But Colombia’s players are under a lot of pressure, and not only to honor their team and their country: Drug lords have heavily financed football in Colombia and expecting big returns on gambling bets their team will win.

Unfortunately, things go wrong from the beginning, ending in tragedy back home...


No one is a prophet in his own country

2016, famed Portuguese footballer Ronaldo and his teammates win Euro Cup.Portugal is one of the top favorites at the 2018 World Cup,

But CR7’s persona divides the Portuguese just as much as it unites them. Many ask if Portugal relies too much on Ronaldo.

It’s a love-hate relationship that can have major consequences for the team’s performances...


The one billon-dollar game

Peru finally qualified for the 2018 world cup after 36 years of failure. 36 years of suffering, terrorism, corruption and economic crisis.

Footballer Paolo Guerrero and his teammates are breathing new life and hope into their country. What happens at the World Cup will have an impact way beyond the pitch...


The dictator and the world cup

Nigeria’s performance at its first World Cup in 1994 impressed the whole world. At the same time, a military dictator took control of the country. And locked up the democratically elected president.

But a dramatic loss at the World Cup changed the dictator’s plans … and the country forever...


A fresh start

1982, Spain is finally released from decades of Franco’s dictatorship. And one year before the world cup, the country faces a military coup. 

By welcoming the world cup Spain hopes to change its international image with one billion people watching worldwide.

But nothing ever goes as planned...